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K-1978 Mosquito Lake State Park

Posted on 30th May 2022

K-1978 Mosquito Lake State Park

Getting ready to head out for another 4 or 5 activations to round out the Memorial day weekend. I am not sure how long I will be at each reference although I will likely spend the most time at Mosquito Lake State Park.

My planned activations include:

  • K-1978 Mosquito Lake State Park
  • K-9485 Mosquito Creek State Wildlife Area
  • K-9500 Shenango State Wildlife Area
  • K-8987 PA 294 State Game Land

These are my standby references in case I need to make a gameday plan change. Changes being made… not heading north going to head south instead.

  • K-9418 Kyle Woods State Nature Preserve
  • K-8848 PA 150 State Game Land
  • K-8875 PA 178 State Game Land
  • K-1383 McConnells Mill State Park

Keep and eye out for me on the spotting page or feel free to message me on FB / Twitter or my phone if you have it.