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K-0020 Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Weekend

Posted on 27th May 2022

K-0020 Cuyahoga Valley National Park

K-0020 Cuyahoga Valley National Park is now on my planned list for activations Memorial Day weekend. I will head out Friday evening 5/27/2022 toward the Akron area and find some where to camp for the weekend. I will likely try to activate as many other references as I can on this trip.

  • K-1987 Quail Hollow SP
  • K-3516 Wingfoot Lake SP
  • K-9518 Wingfoot SWA
  • K-9410 Cooperrider-Kent Bog SNP
  • K-9439 Triangle Lake SNP
  • K-1999 West Branch SP
  • K-0020 Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  • K-9438 Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve
  • K-1997 Tinker's Creek State Park
  • K-9440 Tummonds State Nature Preserve
  • K-9421 Marsh Wetlands State Nature Preserve
  • K-9405 Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve
  • K-1980 Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park
  • K-9448 Brook State Wildlife Area
  • K-9418 Kyle Woods State Nature Preserve

I did not get to all the references I hoped for yesterday and skipped K-9439 Triangle Lake SNP due to the small parking lot that was already almost full plus with the overhead power lines it would be better for a hike in and I was not feeling it that close to dusk with other parks no my list. I will have to come back for this one. Today 5/29/ I will be starting off with K-0020 Cuyahoga and following down my list as best as possible. I may add some others depending on time and how we feel.

Keep and eye out for me on the spotting page or feel free to message me on FB / Twitter or my phone if you have it.