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End-fed or a vertical?

Posted on 3rd Apr 2023 00:18:42

Two popular choices for portable operations are end-fed antennas and vertical antennas. Each type has its own set of pros and cons, so let's delve into the details:

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Do you carry a tune(r)?

Posted on 1st Feb 2023 19:18:22

Antenna tuners, also known as couplers or antenna matching units...

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Dipoles and Activating

Posted on 18th Jan 2023 18:56:22

The dipole antenna is a popular choice for many amateur radio operators...

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Chassis or Radials when stationary?

Posted on 4th Jan 2023 17:58:00

Vehicle chassis or radials when operating stationary from a mobile station?

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Verticals and radials

Posted on 21st Dec 2022 01:48:43

A vertical antenna is a popular choice for amateur radio operators...

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A POTA Vertical

Posted on 7th Dec 2022 01:47:32

Antenna Design for Parks on the Air: Non-Resonant Vertical with 8+/- Radials and a feedpoint Coupler.

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Posted on 23rd Nov 2022 01:33:15

Ham radio, also known as amateur radio, has been around for over a century, with it’s popularity diminishing over the years...

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